From Automotive Data to Truly Rewarding Driving Experiences

Otonomo provides the first neutral automotive data services platform that paves the way for new apps and services to benefit drivers, passengers, municipalities, and companies in the global transportation ecosystem.

Extracting Value from Connected Car Data to Benefit Everyone


    Sharing connected car data lets you take advantage of new possibilities for safer, more convenient on-road experiences, personalized services, and lower total cost of vehicle ownership.


    Efficiently extract value from your OEM vehicle data for enhanced driver and passenger experiences. We use patented technology to process data from vehicles and structure it for use in diverse services.


    Innovate faster with access to quality automotive data from multiple sources with a single, simple, safe integration. Our platform cleanses and structures automotive data so it's easier to use.

The Otonomo Platform: Simple, Secure, Neutral

As a neutral third party, Otonomo has built a connected car ecosystem that bridges the needs of auto manufacturers and mobility services, generating network effects from data that no single OEM could provide on its own. Secure data management and granular controls over how personal automotive data is shared combine to protect both driver and commercial interests.

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Privacy by Design for Connected Car Data

Security and privacy are critically important for the adoption of automotive data use cases such as in-vehicle delivery, on-demand fueling, parking, or usage-based insurance. The Otonomo Consent Management Hub, at the core of our Automotive Data Services Platform, allows OEMs and service providers to deploy personalized services while respecting drivers’ privacy expectations.

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