Generate Value with Connected Construction Equipment

Application ready data for value-added services and research

Easily Access Data

Take advantage of near real-time and historical data that is regularly sent by connected construction equipment. The data is cleansed, normalized, and aggregated to make it readily accessible for a variety of use cases.

Use Case Description
Insurance underwriting Insurers can leverage construction equipment data to provide more accurate underwriting and better premiums to the construction industry. Location data, as well as, equipment movement and utilization can be used to more precisely characterize risk.
Theft prevention and recovery Leverage connected construction equipment data to detect, alert, and recover stolen equipment.
Fleet optimization Improve many aspects of fleet management, from equipment deployment to maintenance planning.
Fueling services Connected equipment data opens up new business opportunities for smart fueling services that can deliver fuel to job sites whenever it is needed.
Economic trend analysis Connected construction equipment can provide essential inputs into financial algorithms that predict future economic activity and trends.
Real Estate Research Use construction equipment data to locate new construction projects and understand real estate trends in a specific point of interest (POI). Gain insights to improve property analysis and retail planning.

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