Otonomo Reaches the 18 Million Car Mark

Automotive Data Services Platform has the largest cross OEM data set

 HERZLIYA, ISRAEL, August 13, 2019— Otonomo, the leading Automotive Data Services Platform, announced today that is has reached the 18 million cars mark. Otonomo now offers car data attributes from around the globe: in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. This announcement follows a recent collaboration statement by Otonomo two weeks ago, announcing a partnership focused on smart city, mapping, parking and traffic planning.

Otonomo’s car data is aggregated from multiple OEMs, TSPs, and Fleets. “When we started Otonomo, we focused on gaining the OEMs trust,” said Ben Volkow, Chief Executive Office and Founder of Otonomo, in a recent blog post. “Four years later, I’m proud to say we have established vigorous and reliable relationships with multiple OEMs, TSPs and Fleets. These include those recently announced and more than 20 others that are still under NDA. Together, we are able to offer service providers vehicle data from 18 million cars, across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.”

After data aggregation, the Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform normalizes, reshapes, ennriches and analyzes the data, so it can be used by app and service providers – enterprises, SMBs and newly-founded startups. Spanning from smart cities and traffic management through innovative insurance and electric vehicles and up to safety and emergency, car data is implemented across a variety of use cases, creating new opportunities that benefit drivers and the general public. Reaching 18 million cars is a record in the industry and notably increases the number of use cases that can be supported.

“Car data adds another channel of smart data and knowledge for decision makers and developers to gain insights about what’s happening on the road and in the car,” says Asaf Weisbrot, Otonomo’s Chief Commercial Officer. “By adding new data layers from ultrasonic car sensors, ADAS systems and EVs, service providers can identify parking opportunities and dynamic road signs, and assess charging location quality, for example. Then, they can make the best in-car recommendations for drivers.”

Otonomo set out to explore “data for good” opportunities for making smart cities smarter, driving more enjoyable and to reduce wasted time spent on the roads. “Our vision is to make car data valuable for drivers and the public,” says Lisa Joy Rosner, Otonomo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We aim to yield smarter cities and happier drivers, while maintaining privacy and security of driver data. Reaching 18 million cars is a significant milestone for achieving our goal. We are more encouraged than ever before to keep pursuing it.”

To learn more about how car data can be used visit https://otonomo.io/use-cases/.

About Otonomo

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform fuels an ecosystem of 15 OEMs and more than 100 service providers. Our neutral platform securely ingests more than 2 billion data points per day from over 18 million global connected vehicles, then reshapes and enriches it, to accelerate time to market for new services that delight drivers. Privacy by design is at the core of our platform, which enables GDPR and other privacy-regulation-compliant solutions using both personal and aggregate data. Use cases include emergency services, mapping, EV management, subscription-based fueling, parking, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, media measurement, in-vehicle package delivery, and dozens of smart city services. With an R&D center in, Israel, and a presence in the United States, Europe, and Japan, Otonomo’s investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Aptiv, Dell Captial, Hearst Ventures, StageOne Ventures, and Maniv Mobility. More information is available at www.otonomo.io.