Drive Time Metrics and Otonomo Partner to Provide Privacy Protected, In-Vehicle Listening Insights

I used to listen to the radio all the time. Today, I only listen in my car and I am not alone: more listening happens in vehicles than anywhere else. Yet, the media industry has very few insights into in-vehicle listeners’ tastes and preferences. That’s about to change.

Translating Connected Car Data into Media Insights

Today, Otonomo announced a partnership with Drive Time Metrics. They are bringing innovative media measurement capabilities to the industry, using anonymized automotive data delivered through the Otonomo Platform. With this partnership, media companies, brands, advertisers, and their agencies will have access to insights and analytics generated by multiple audio sources within the connected car—including AM/FM/HD/DAB, internet radio (Pandora, Spotify, etc.), satellite radio, CDs, and stored music—while respecting drivers’ privacy needs and keeping all data secure.

Media companies will be able to optimize programming and increase the value of their ad inventory, while advertisers will be able to optimize ad placement and increase their return on ad spend. Furthermore, working with Otonomo helps everyone in the automotive ecosystem to increase the value generated from automotive data.

Media Measurement Benefits from the Otonomo Anonymization Engine

Media measurement is one of many automotive data use cases that require data to be anonymized, and removing personally identifiable information (PII) from the data may not be enough to protect drivers’ privacy. That’s why the Otonomo Anonymization Engine uses multiple anonymization techniques to perform this important task.

Learn More About Media Measurement for the Automobile

I encourage you to visit and learn more. If you have a similar use case to explore, be sure to reach out to my team at Otonomo. We’re ready to help!

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Lisa Joy Rosner | CMO

A passionate data privacy advocate with over 20 years of public and startup company experience marketing big data and analytics, Lisa Joy Rosner is the CMO at Otonomo.

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