How ZebraFuel Uses Car Data for Fleet Fueling: A Case Study


Zebra Fuel is an on-demand fueling service company, based in the UK. Focusing on commercial fleets, Zebra Fuel offers companies fueling services at their business location, while reducing fraud and eliminating the need for drivers to waste time filling up at the gas station. 

The Challenge 

As an on-demand fueling service provider, Zebra Fuel has to stay on top of its customers’ vehicle usage.  It’s a challenge to assess the current fuel level l in each vehicle you are asked to fill up. Without real-time vehicle data, the assessments are inaccurate.  As a result, Zebra Fuel cannot alert fleets about when fill-ups are due and they do not know how much fuel to bring to fueling. With Otonomo’s car data, Zebra Fuel can, save costs, and provide a better and more efficient service to their customers. 

In addition, without car data Zebra Fuel cannot provide Fleets with assessments about fuel usage. One of Zebra Fuel’s main business advantages compared to driver manual fueling is fuel fraud reduction. This is done by transferring the fuel filling from the drivers through prepaid cards or expenses, to direct filling by Zebra Fuel, which is managed by the Fleet. The inability to provide such data prevents Zebra Fuel from reaching their full business potential, which could help Fleets calculate costs more accurately and reduce wasted fuel. 

Finally, filling-up has to take place when the auto depots are manned, to deliver vehicle keys and open gas hatches. This limits Zebra Fuel’s potential business hours. 

As a result, Zebra Fuel has to assess fuel levels and usage inaccurately, which results in wasted resources for them and the Fleets. In addition, they are dependent on manual fill-up invitations from Fleets, and on their business hours. 

The Solution 

With vehicle data attributes like fuel level, telematics and distance driven, Zebra Fuel can accurately determine the fuel level in each tank they are filling up. Consequently, they can alert customers when fueling is due and more accurately estimate how much fuel they need to deliver to every fueling location. 

With Otonomo’s data services platform Zebra Fuel can easily provide Fleets with detailed analytics and dashboards about their fuel usage. This data can be used by Fleets to calculate business costs, routes and driver shifts, and ultimately save money. 

Finally, remote locking and unlocking of vehicles would enable fueling without having to man the depots where they fuel up. This extends business hours for Zebra Fuel and removes the burden on Fleets personnel to be present when vehicles are being fueled. 

Zebra Fuel is connected to the Otonomo Data Services Platform and ready to use vehicle data for optimized fueling. In the future, Zebra Fuel will use Otonomo’s car data to offer Fleets on-demand charging services for Electric Vehicles. 

Automotive Data Parameters

Ignition on/off
GPS Coordinates
Fuel level

Automotive Data Types


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