Avis Budget Group Otonomo Partnership

Otonomo Partners with Avis Budget Group to Create Smarter Cities

I’m very excited to announce our partnership with Avis Budget Group (ABG) to provide new and unique connected car data to the service provider ecosystem. ABG is in the middle of a major digital transformation and Otonomo is happy to play a part in this impressive endeavor. ABG has a fleet from multiple OEMs, covering 4 billion road miles. The fleet is anticipated to generate over 7 billion road miles of data when it is fully connected in 2020. This data is now uniquely available on the Otonomo automotive data services platform, ready for companies, municipalities and startups to start developing apps and services.

Creating Smarter and Greener Cities

By partnering with ABG, we can realize our vision of enabling a world of environmentally-friendly cities that run more efficiently. Vehicle data from ABG can be put to work to create smarter cities and for traffic management, which improve driver quality of life, minimize congestion and reduce traffic accidents.

For example, by identifying traffic “hotspots” at certain times, streetlights can be adjusted, potholes can be fixed and resting areas can be constructed. Real-time data can be used to issue safety alerts, while historical aggregate data can be used for long-term planning of infrastructure and transportation.

J.D. Power: A Happy Joint Customer

J.D. Power, a global marketing information services company, is an example of a happy joint customer that plans to use ABG data to analyze vehicles’ health.

Thus, instead of having to ask drivers, JD Power can hear the “voice of the vehicle” directly through connected car data. This data complements its consumer research on different makes and models, easily and efficiently. In addition, it is more accurate, providing a more precise, and thus beneficial, analysis.

Otonomo Provides More Connected Car Data

Here at Otonomo, we’re constantly working to get more and more connected car data on our platform for our growing network of services providers to use. The connected car data from ABG has been added to the Otonomo car data platform, constituting of 18 million vehicles and 196 billion miles a year. Read the full PR here.

We’re very excited to keep putting car data to work and help innovators use car data for developing new apps and  services. To start consuming ABG car data, contact us.

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Ben Volkow

A serial entrepreneur, Ben has founded four successful companies and is the CEO and Founder of Otonomo.

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